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BigBigTutor has formulated this Privacy Policy in accordance with the provisions of the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance (Chapter 486 of the Laws of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China). The ordinance stipulates that individuals providing data have the right to inquire whether BigBigTutor holds their personal data and have the right to request a copy of this personal data and make corrections.

Individuals who browse this website generally do not need to disclose any personal data to freely browse information. However, BigBigTutor may collect your personal data for designated purposes as needed, and each time it is recorded, you will be notified in advance. We respect your privacy and will make every effort to provide various communication channels to ensure that your personal privacy is properly protected. All data collected for designated purposes will be destroyed or processed to an unidentifiable state after use.

BigBigTutor makes this statement as a commitment to protect your privacy. The following clearly outlines the methods of data collection and transmission on this website. However, BigBigTutor is not responsible for the privacy protection procedures of any linked website.

  1. Use of Personal Information

BigBigTutor will collect contact information of visitors, such as email or postal addresses, and conduct general statistical analysis of website visitors, such as age, education, and tutoring experience. We will use this information to fulfill legal obligations. Contact details collected from forms will be used to send promotional materials and messages to you. If data needs to be disclosed publicly at a later time, BigBigTutor will ensure it is done anonymously, without revealing the source of the data, and will inform you in advance. Additionally, you may choose to “opt-out” and no longer receive any emails. BigBigTutor will use the collected statistical analysis of website visitors, as well as reference your browsing habits on our website, to design information displays that cater to your interests. After collecting and aggregating the data, it will be made available to both BigBigTutor and advertisers. Again, you may choose to “opt-out” and no longer receive any emails.

When you browse our website, our server software will record your computer’s domain name. We will also track the web pages you browse to measure internet traffic and understand the popularity of different parts of our website, collect general information about visitors, and compile statistical data.

The data collected by BigBigTutor will only be used for the purposes stated above. Personal information will not be disclosed to any third party, except in the following circumstances:

When BigBigTutor needs to disclose the information to an agent in order to perform general tasks such as data management and distribution of promotional materials.

  1. Disclosure Required by Law

BigBigTutor will disclose promotional materials to persons specified in the form based on your selection.

  1. Data Confidentiality

BigBigTutor will take reasonable steps to ensure that collected, used, and disclosed data is accurate, complete, and regularly updated and is stored in a secure environment accessible only to authorized personnel. However, we cannot guarantee that no third party will invade our computer systems, steal data, or access data without authorization.

  1. Opt-Out

If you do not wish to receive the latest information on BigBigTutor’s developments, activities, and promotional plans, you can use the “opt-out” option, or request that BigBigTutor delete your records at any time. If you choose to opt-out, please enter your email address below and press submit.

Email address:

  1. Agreement

Contacting the Website

If you wish to inquire about data privacy policy, website usage procedures, contact the website, review, or change your personal information, please contact:


  1. Personal Data Collection Statement

BigBigTutor will collect your personal data from time to time for use in organizing or promoting competitions or events (“Activities”).

  1. Purposes of Collection and Use of Personal Data

BigBigTutor may use the information collected or provided by you for one or more of the following purposes:

  • Identifying you as a participant in lucky draws or other promotional activities
  • Contacting you to answer inquiries, notify you of the results of lucky draws/promotions, and arrange for prize presentation or collection in the future
  • Announcing and publishing the results of lucky draws/promotions
  • Using for marketing and promotional purposes
  • Identifying and verifying your identity
  • Using for our internal records, research, and statistics
  • Any other purposes related to the Activities.

You are not obliged to provide the requested information. However, if you choose not to provide the requested information, your participation form or application form (depending on the circumstances) will not be counted or processed, and you may lose your eligibility to participate in the lucky draws/promotions.

  1. Data Confidentiality

The information you provide to us will be stored in BigBigTutor’s office or our servers in Hong Kong and will only be used by our authorized employees and contractors. However, we cannot guarantee that there will be no third-party intrusion into the computer system, data theft, or unauthorized access to the data. BigBigTutor will take reasonable steps to ensure that the information collected, used, or disclosed is accurate, complete, and regularly updated. We may share your personal data with activity sponsors, authorized agents, or contractors for prize presentation, collection, or distribution (if applicable). By participating in competitions or promotional activities, you understand and expressly agree to the above terms.

  1. Data Retention

We will only retain your personal data for the specified purposes during the required period. We will also retain archived personal data for statistical purposes.

  1. Your Consent

By submitting your participation/application form, you represent and warrant that all information provided to BigBigTutor is true and correct. You agree that the personal data collected by BigBigTutor from time to time and provided by you may be used for the purposes described above and disclosed to the persons set out in the “Personal Data Collection Statement” and “Privacy Policy” of BigBigTutor. Please also refer to our “Privacy Policy.”

This “Personal Data Collection Statement” and our “Privacy Policy” may be revised at any time without prior notice or separate notification. Any revisions will be posted on our website.


Updated in December 2020.