Our professional team has researched and developed various English courses suitable for students of all ages in kindergarten and primary and secondary schools. The courses cover all English skills, including listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Based on the level and needs of the students, the entire course is carefully guided one-on-one by foreign teachers, allowing your children to learn English anytime and anywhere, easily improving their English ability and facing the challenges of globalization with confidence.

Regular Course (Age: 6 to 15)

This course features brand new materials that include exercises in listening, reading, speaking, and writing, allowing students to improve their English skills in all areas. The course design is rich and covers over a thousand topics, each including exciting stories and fun games, making learning no longer boring. The course content is comprehensive, covering listening, speaking, reading, and writing, with a total of 8 levels suitable for elementary and middle school students of all levels. Our course will lead students on a fun and challenging journey of English learning.

Phonics Course

(Age: 3 to 8)

Phonics Natural Spelling Course is a course offered by BigBigTutor. The teachers of this course have international teaching qualifications such as TESOL. Through this course, your children will learn how to pronounce and spell words correctly, thereby enhancing their language abilities and confidence. In addition, the course will focus on helping students understand the phonetics and structure of English words and language, enabling them to more naturally master English. Through this course, your children will become more confident and fluent English users. Our teachers will use interactive teaching methods, through games and other fun activities, to help your children learn in a pleasant atmosphere. Additionally, we offer various learning resources to help your children better grasp the course content. Welcome to join our Phonics Natural Spelling Course and embark on an exciting journey of learning English!

English Grammar and Writing Course

(Age: 6 to 15)

[English Grammar Course] aims to help students simplify complex English grammar in an easy-to-understand way, making it easier for them to understand and use. The instructor will use a systematic teaching method to help students understand the basic concepts, usage, and rules of English grammar, and provide various examples and exercises to help students strengthen their application of English grammar.

[English Writing Course] focuses on systematic training and guidance in English writing skills. The instructor will help students improve their English writing ability and level from various aspects such as vocabulary application, sentence practice, and grammar structure. The course content includes various English writing skills and techniques, such as writing different types of articles, writing style, paragraph structure, grammar, and spelling. Students will have ample practice and practical experience in the classroom to improve their English writing expression and thinking ability.

Customized English Course (Age: 6 to 15)

Parents only need to upload the designated learning materials for their students (such as school textbooks or speech competition speeches), and the teacher will teach according to these materials. This method can help students learn more targetedly, master knowledge and skills more efficiently, and improve their learning effectiveness. In addition, the teacher will provide students with exam tips and strategies to help them better prepare for school exams and achieve excellent grades.

Mock Exam Practice Course (Coming soon)

(Age: 9 to 12)

This is a test-prep course for fifth and sixth-grade students, conducted one-on-one by a foreign tutor. The course’s main content is based on over a hundred English subject practice papers, providing students with corresponding guidance and training. These practice papers cover a variety of difficulty levels and question types, helping students better understand the format and requirements of English subject exams, and improving their academic performance.

English Interview Training Course

(Age: 9 to 12)

This course is specifically designed for students who are preparing to enter Primary/Elementary School and Secondary/Middle School, with the goal of improving their performance in English interviews. The course is taught by foreign tutors and covers topics such as English interview skills, oral practice, and strategies. Through practice, simulated interviews, and personalized feedback, students will enhance their confidence and communication skills to better prepare for upcoming English interviews. This course is suitable for Kindergarten students preparing to enter Primary/Elementary School and Primary students preparing to enter Secondary/Middle School. With guidance from foreign tutors, students will improve their English interview skills and become more competitive in the enrollment process. If you want your child to excel in admission interviews, this course will provide the necessary training and support.

English Programming Course (Age: 6 to 18)

The course includes Scratch game programming in English, mobile app development in English, and Virtual Robotics programming in English. Through these courses, children will learn how to use programming languages to create games, develop mobile applications, and write programs for virtual robots. Our courses not only provide children with practical skills but also enhance their creativity and logical thinking abilities, making them more competitive in future learning and careers.

High School Oral Exam Preparation Course

(Coming soon) (Age: 15 to 18)

This course is designed to prepare high school students for their oral exams. The focus will be on developing the students’ speaking skills, improving their ability to express themselves clearly and coherently, and boosting their confidence in oral communication. The course will cover various topics relevant to high school curricula, including literature, history, science, and social studies. Through practice, feedback, and constructive criticism, students will gain the necessary skills and confidence to excel in their oral exams.

IELTS Preparation Course

(Age: 15 or above)

This course provides one-on-one coaching for the IELTS exam by a foreign tutor. It’s suitable for high school and university students who plan to immigrate, study abroad, apply for civil service exams, and professional institutions. The course covers listening, reading comprehension, writing, and speaking, aiming to enhance students’ abilities in various aspects of the IELTS exam and help them achieve outstanding results. Each lesson is taught by a foreign tutor on a one-on-one basis to ensure that students receive sufficient individual guidance and feedback to effectively improve their learning outcomes.