“Today’s coding beginner, tomorrow’s IT leader.”


STEAM education refers to the latest educational concept that consists of the five elements of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics. The aim is to cultivate talents who can actively participate in the information technology society by learning both humanities and science subjects.

The BigBigTutor STEAM course is designed to closely follow the five elements of STEAM education. The tutor provides one-on-one English lessons to guide children to develop associative creativity, logical thinking, problem-solving skills, encourage them to try new technologies, and learn from mistakes. Through this process, children will naturally develop self-management habits. The BigBigTutor STEAM international professional team will work together with you to lead children to explore their infinite potential, face the ever-changing era, and lay the foundation for the ability to face challenges, achieve self-realization and pursue their dreams.

Scratch Game Programming Course

Scratch 3.0 is a programming software designed by MIT Media Lab specifically for children and adolescents. This course is the best introduction to teach kids how to learn computer programming. Through specific case studies, analysis, and practice, we teach children how to program games with their own hands.

Programming skills are the only job skills that can earn a high salary without completing a university degree. Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and Mark Zuckerberg were good at programming since childhood, dropped out of college, and became successful due to their excellent programming abilities.

Suitable for: Students aged 6 to 18

Teaching Language: English (One-on-one classes with a foreign IT tutor)

Class Levels:

Basic Class: 20 classes, each lasting 25 minutes. Basic animation and simple game creation, building problem-solving and logical thinking skills.

Advanced Class: 30 classes, each lasting 25 minutes. Advanced animation and game creation, building multiple interactive concepts and advanced algorithms.

Graduate Class: 40 classes, each lasting 25 minutes. Practical application of basic artificial intelligence (AI) technology, using machine learning to solve daily problems.

Mobile App Development Course

This course teaches children how to use MIT’s App Inventor to design their own mobile applications, allowing them to learn basic mobile app design and development skills, connect programming technology with daily life, and write mobile applications that improve their lives.

Suitable for: Students aged 9 to 18

Language of instruction: English

Virtual Robotics Programming Course

The Virtual Robotics English Programming Course is a programming course suitable for students aged 8 to 18. It enables students to develop computational thinking and programming logic skills through programming virtual robots using Scratch and Python.

The course instructor will teach students how to instruct and control virtual robots, and systematically teach basic programming knowledge such as algorithms, sequences, branches, loops, sensor and actuator instructions, while enhancing students’ interest in remote learning programming.

Suitable for: Students aged 9 to 18

Language of instruction: English